About Me

Life Moves Pretty Fast
If You Don't Stop And
Look Around Once In A

While, You Could Miss It.

Photographer and Digital Artist.
As a retiree from the printing industry, I share my time between
Calgary, Alberta and Mesa, Arizona.

In the past, I ran multi-colored presses, then went on to prepress in a Graphics capacity. I have had a strong interest in Photographyfor many years. My work experience has helped me in my photographic endeavors. 

Published in National Geographics

Published in "GuruShots" Big Nature August 2017

Desktop Publishing Certificate: Mount Royal University 2008
Plus various other awards and accolades.

 Monument Valley Sunrise. It was an early cold morning

My Photo was selected to be Digitally showcased at the "Fascinating lighting" exhibition at the New Moment Gallery (http://newmomentgallery.com), located at the heart of Belgrade, Serbia.

 Trillium Lake in Oregon.

My Photo was selected to be Digitally showcased at the "Monochrome" exhibition at the Canvas Gallery, located in Singapore on November 9th @ 7PM for the opening night.

My Photo from the Your "Exhibition Shots" challenge was selected to be "printed" and "showcased" at the cult location NEW MOMENT Gallery located at Belgrade, Serbia.

The exhibition will open on February 7th with more details to appear on our Facebook Events page.

I love to travel Canada and the USA meeting fellow photographers along the way. Hopefully one day I will meet up with you and your camera.

My website is "www.brianadamson.ca" or please friend me at "https://www.facebook.com/brian.adamson1"

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